Payment Policy:

Coucap is accepting the payments via various methods that include online as well as physical methods. We are accepting all major debit /and credit cards and payment wallets for placing orders. Buyers can make payment through the method of their choice. It is mandatory for the buyers to register with an active email and mobile number to facilitate the orders and payments.

Usually there are not hassles arising in making any payments online or via COD but if you have got any problem in making payments we request you to drop us a mail at along with the order details and transaction id via the email account used for the transaction. We will check and revert to the same within three working days at the maximum.

We take all necessary measures to avoid any such problems but in case the matter is not resolved we shall escalate the matter with the corresponding financial institutions involved in the transaction to help you get your money back.

Though we can ensure that you will get your money back we insist you about raising the complaints with your bank or card provider to check the issues. If the time limitation set for this is passed we cannot assure you of getting the resolutions within due time frame as such matters are handled by concerned banks.

In case you are willing to use you money further with us we may issue credit points for you to use these for future purchase.

All these points are guiding only and may subject to change as per case to case basis. Coucap holds no responsibility for the transactional delays or mismanaged amounts due to technical errors or mistakes done from your end. We are following the necessary measures to safeguard the financial details of the buyers but we are not saving any of the instrument details or financial details of the users on to our server. The information collected from the buyer’s is meant only for completing the current transaction that the buyer makes at the time of purchase.

All the provisions for collection of the information for financial transactions and payments are governed in accordance of the privacy policy of the company. You may kindly refer to the same on the Privacy Policy page.